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Why Choose Loudplay Cloud Gaming? Or not?

With us, you can turn any device into a modern gaming computer. Unlike other Cloud Gaming services, Loudplay gives you a powerful PC without any limits. You have access to a Windows desktop on a PC, Mac or Android device. You can install any game or app without worrying about data problems.

What are the system requirements to run a Cloud PC?

The Loudplay app works on any device that runs Windows, MacOS or Android operating systems. If your Device can play videos on YouTube in the quality you want, then there will be enough power to run a Cloud PC.

To play comfortably from the Cloud PC, you need a stable internet connection of at least 10 Mbps. For Maximum quality, our recommendation would be to use a connection of at least 30 Mbps and connect your device via a Landline or alternatively to a 5Ghz Wi-Fi network. You can test your speed by using the following link.

What games can I run on my Cloud PC?

The Loudplay Cloud gaming computer makes it possible to choose any games to download. After starting the Cloud gaming PC, you can download a game from any store like Steam, EPIC, Origin or any torrent tracker. If you have previously purchased a game from these sites, you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR IT A SECOND TIME.

The Cloud computer has an internet connection at 1 Gbps. Thus, the download will be fast. In addition, we have specific licensed games pre-installed on certain gaming computers. If you want to PLAY NOW, this is your best option.

How much does it cost? Is Cloud Gaming Free?

Well, it’s almost FREE. You pay 90 cents per hour. The Dollar price will depend on how much game time you want to purchase at once. So, you can install any game you want and choose the correct setting to play. We also have online support if you need it. If you wish to get more FREE time or exciting game discounts, send a link to a friend. Once they sign up, they will get a juicy bonus, and so will you.

How can I start playing?

Follow a few simple steps:

  1. Install our application on your device
  2. Create an account
  3. Buy a specific bundle
  4. Launch your Cloud computer and start playing!
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