Payment issues

  • Is the service working?

    Loudplay continues to work and propose all previous services.

  • What are available payment methods?

    We offer two options: ЮMoney and PayPal. Currently non-russian Visa and Mastercard cards can't make payments via ЮMoney, you can try PayPal or using "МИР" payment system. Temporarily PayPal stopped receiving payments from cards issued in Russia, if you have one — use ЮMoney.

  • How to switch payment method?

    You need to change language of the app in the bottom left angle. In Russian version we offer ЮMoney, and in English — PayPal

  • What should I do if there's a problem?

    If you have any troubles — contact our tech support, their crew is always ready to help.

About us

  • What are we doing?

    Our service provides users with powerful virtual computers for rent for games and other non-commercial activities.

  • What is so special in our project?

    Differently from most cloud gaming services, we provide a full virtual computer with access to the desktop, file system and Internet browsers. This gives users the opportunity to install any games and applications to work on their own.

  • What games are available for users?

    You can install any game on your virtual computer, or run any of the pre-installed on the server.

  • What technical features has the virtual computer?

    • 6 GB NVIDIA RTX graphics card
    • 4 core AMD EPYC processor
    • 28 GB RAM
    • 250 GB SSD space + 1 Tb game library
    • Internet with up to 1 Gbit/s bandwidth

Operating the virtual computer

  • How to run the virtual gaming computer?

    Connection to the virtual PC will occur after pressing the "Start PC" button on the main Launcher screen. It will be active if there are minutes on the balance.

  • How to install and run a specific game?

    Installing games is the same as on a normal computer, because we provide a virtual PC on the Windows operating system. Pre-installed are a browser, game launcher, torrent client and other useful utilities that you can use to download applications. Note that some games are already preinstalled — usually their shortcuts are located on the virtual PC desktop. Pre-installed games are stored on an additional removable disk, which is approximately 1 Tb in size. It is restored to its original state each time the session is ended. Please put the necessary files only on the main drive (C:), as they will not be saved on the other drives.

  • What games are pre-installed on the servers?

    On the main screen of the launcher, at the bottom there are cards — these are all the pre-installed games at the moment. Each item in the list contains a picture, the name of the game and the game launcher from which it is preinstalled. On some you can also see different labels: "Free" means that the game is distributed by the developers for free.

  • Is it possible to install games without buying them from online stores?

    Loudplay gives the user full access to a virtual computer that is connected to the Internet at up to 1 Gbit/s. This allows downloading applications from any source, including torrent clients. However, we remind you that when installing such software the user is responsible for copyright infringement. In the case of a complaint from the copyright holder, access to the account will be restricted.

Technical issues and troubleshooting

  • Which computers are able to use Loudplay?

    Supported operating systems are Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11, MacOS version 10.15 and later, and Android version 7 and later. Running on Linux is possible through Wine, but there is no official support yet. If you are a Windows user, your PC should also have the latest drivers updated and the latest versions of DirectX, Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft.Net Framework installed.

  • How long is the data stored on the virtual PC?

    The virtual PC is stored for a certain amount of time since the last connection — on average 5 days. Note that this value is approximate and may not be up to date at the moment. You can always check this information with support. In order not to worry about storage time, you can buy a subscription "Saving PC" in the left menu of the launcher on the PC, in the section "Profile". During its validity period, the PC will not be deleted due to the expiration of the storage time.

  • Is it necessary to buy a license to run the pre-installed game from the launcher?

    Yes, the pre-installed game must be purchased in your account to run. We do not share our accounts or share access to games.

  • What kind of internet speed would be sufficient?

    An Internet connection with a minimum speed of 10 Mbit/s is required. We recommend 30 Mbit/s or higher, as well as a cable connection, as it is the most stable. Playing via WiFi or 4G is possible, but this connection is less stable and can lead to crumbling picture and control delays.

  • What to do if the game lags?

    Usually video stream delays are caused by packet loss from the virtual PC to yours. Close all applications on your PC and reduce bitrate and FPS values in the launcher settings. In some cases turning on hardware acceleration helps (it is not supported by all PCs and sometimes the image transmission may deteriorate: then it is better to turn it off). Rebooting your PC and router or connecting directly through the cable (not through the router) may help. Make sure that you have updated drivers and installed the latest versions of distributed packages from Microsoft (DitectX, C++ and Net Framework). If the problems cant be solved by yourself, please contact the technical support.

  • The virtual computer window does not open, what should I do?

    Here it is necessary to distinguish several points: either the problem is in the settings ( please check that the hardware acceleration was turned off and the protocol and encoding were on the first values), or in the drivers ( please try to update them), or in the distributed packages from Microsoft ( however, the launcher itself will point to it and provide links to download them), or after installing some pirated software on a virtual PC (getting a new virtual machine will help). In case you can not solve the problem yourself, please contact the technical support.

  • Are there any hotkeys in the client window?

    Yes, Alt+1 will prompt all the broadcast module hotkeys. One of the most frequently used, Alt+R, activates the microphone.

  • Why the anti-cheat game does not allow to play/blocks control?

    Unfortunately, some anti-cheats recognize the control system of the virtual computer as a cheat. Also, sometimes developers intentionally limit the game in the cloud. If you find such a problem, please contact the technical support.

  • How to contact a technical support?

    Please send us a message in the chat window you will find in the left panel of the Launcher. Also, you can contact us on social networks. Please politely and in detail describe your problem and specify your login — then it will be easier for us to help you. We are ready to advise you on any issues related to the work of the service.

Information on payment and free play

  • What payment methods are currently supported?

    If your bank card is not issued in Russia, you can pay using PayPal.

  • Does the purchased time expire?

    No, minutes are being spent only while the virtual PC is running and do not expire over time. You can spend them when convenient.

  • Why do users pay for the time of installation and updating the game?

    Loudplay provides the user with a complete virtual computer to which only the owner has access. We respect the privacy of our customers and do not control the use of the computer and the files installed on it. Our users pay only for the server rent, not for specific actions on it. Nevertheless, in case of technical problems on our side, we are ready to offer you compensation for the time spent updating or reinstalling the game.

  • Is it possible to play for free?

    Unfortunately, we can't offer this service for free at the moment.

  • Can I transfer purchased time between Android app and PC?

    No, Android and PC apps have separate rates and game time.