We are ALL extreme gamers in Loudplay

We love to play games after work, imagining ourselves as heroes with superpowers.

Fighting for the radiant side against the forces of darkness

We're here to help you defeat any enemy wherever you are, just like Zeus
Our most important principle is to always be flexible and adapt to the situation, that’s what a competent Morphling can help you with
Drive your PC to a fantastic speed like Io
We are ready to take the hit first as Bristleback so that our teammates can show their best qualities
With us any game content begins to play with new colors, as in the hands of the master Rubick

But there are dire forces - the embodiment of fears and dangers, which we have to overcome together

The cunning Rikimaru is ready to hide you in the cloud at any time, stab you in the back and destroy your sense of security for the rest of the game
Bounty Hunter is eager to profit by your wealth and hide in the dark
Faceless Void will stop the Time - and the picture on your screen in the critical seconds of the battle...
And if you decide to play in the evening, then meeting the Night Stalker will force you to book a place in the queue
And then the Venomancer will slow you down with constant poisonous spam
Oh-oh-ouch, what just happened!
Our journey begins
Hardware platform setup
We launched the beta version
The first 100k users registered on our platform
Forbes, The Economist and The Guardian published articles about our gaming platform
We launched an Android application
Follow us on our journey and stay tuned for special offers
... Russian Loudplay focuses on technology development without building its own infrastructure ...
... The delay is only 70 ms, which is enough for most online games including shooters ...
... The 5G advantages ( of 5G) were performed in Innopolis on the LoudPlay Gaming service ...
... a partnership with LoudPlay will be an opportunity to access the mobile and desktop market ...